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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Any SAW fans out there?

This piece is titled "Human Nature #1", which in retrospect really has a double meaning.  This is photo 1 of a series I would like to do of people as trees.  Different size people, different sexes, different amounts of appendages will grace my studio for this series.  I got the idea while jogging down Southfield and seeing the rows of trees in the median that twist and turn in such a way they resemble a line of ballet dancers.  Unfortunately for Kandy and Allison, this was a learning curve in many ways.  

I posed the two girls early in because I knew that once they had completed their em"bark"ment we were going to need to move fast.  I did not anticipate the degree of problems that they had, but I figured they would not want to stand still long.

Idiot move #1.  We dressed Kandi's left leg first.  Then I realized that leg wasn't going to be seen...

Sometime after starting Kandi's right leg, she felt a light itching that turned into a burning on the left leg.  We began to remove the bark, and saw very little sign of problems (at this point).  We continued with the right leg.  After Kandi was done we started Allisons legs.  We covered more of Allison because she was in the front.  Through most of the application she felt little more than an itching.  Right before I put them into place the burning began!  

I would like to point out that I am not a sadistic person.  I offered early in to stop if they felt they needed to.  Luckily for me I have two very strong willed and stubborn models that wanted to make sure this got done.  I would also like to point out that I couldn't find any info about rubber cement being an irritant to skin.  What follows are the after effects of not letting the glue dry before you try to stick things together.  

Luckily I had Allison some make shift pasties using ziploc baggie and painters tape.  

Rubber Cement works good...   Sorry again!!!

1 Week later here is Kandi's leg.  The first piece we pulled off took skin.  Last update I got from her the red marks were healing.

Allison seemed to have different reactions one week later.  Things seem to be healing.  I think its been 3 weeks. I should have an update soon.

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