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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Wrong Kind of Love - Shoot

This shoot comes from the song by Jim White

Jim White - The Wrong Kind of Love - Listen

My image isnt much of a stretch from the song, but it still is my own take on it.
I had planned on this shoot being a sort of it gets done when it gets done kinda thing. I had made plans with Beka to do it on Saturday afternoon, and silly her she expected it to actually happen on Saturday. It took me two days to dig the hole. First I had to pry up the bricks. Then I had to pick axe through the gravel my shovel wouldnt get through. Red clay was next and then came the tree roots. By the time it was all said and done I was about a foot into the ground.

I had been rushed to get this done and then Beka ran late. I set up all my lights and cords and crawled on the roof to get my angles down. Amanda helped me with light settings and ladder steady-ian. Once Beka got there, she laid into the hole, Amanda rubbed some dirt on her and in less than 30 mins we were done.

Thanks to the girls for helping and being a part of my shoot, especially Amanda who comes and helps out tirelessly.

Above is the composite image I made in preparation of the shoot. The girl is from the web, and the ground shot was taken with my iphone. I hadnt planned on having a naked girl in the dirt, but its hard to find that fetal position with clothes.

It wasnt as dark as the photo implies, just camera magic

I swear I almost got her to try the hole out. It was almost too small for Beka's height.

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