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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The cost of clicking.

So my photography business has changed and evolved leaps and bounds these past few months, and I am finally gearing up for my first publicly pushed shows. As I spend money on prints, frames, and an expensive leather case to show off unframed pieces, I realize I am great at spending the cash, but have very little clue as to what to sell my prints for. I know everyone wants to say, what do you feel they are worth, and how much did you pay for prints. Also it has been mentioned how much time did you put into them and what do you want to be paid an hour. While these are all great questions, they are only really useful in a perfect world, a situation where the market will reflect what you feel you deserve.

Anyways, I have put together some pricing and thought I might throw some numbers out and see what the general population has to say about them.

I have two types of prints. 13x19 which fits nicely into a 18x24 frame (matted)
and 20x30 which fit into a 24x36 frame (matted)
Most of my pricing is for the 13x19.

My best prints,
Good news for people who like bad news,
Jager in the water (black and white dog in the water)
Music is the Victim and so am I
These will go for $75 each

Prints I like but dont have quite the market as the ones above I feel will go for 60-65
and i will have a $50-55 tier.

These are unframed.

I want to sell framed pieces as well, but havent worked up a formula for that yet. I may just double the prices.

So what do you think? Let me know of Facebook or on here.

PS I should know about the No Dead Artists show by this time next week!

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